Unveiling Edmond, OK, 73134: Neighborhoods, Employment, Education, and Real Estate Insights

Edmond, OK’s 73134 area code is a tapestry of neighborhoods, each offering a unique flavor of suburban living. Let’s delve into the essential aspects that make this locale an attractive choice for residents and investors.

1. Neighborhoods & Real Estate Market

From the elegant dwellings of Oak Tree to the family-friendly appeal of Stonebriar, Edmond’s 73134 area embraces diversity in its neighborhoods. The real estate market here has demonstrated resilience, witnessing a steady rise in property values over the past years, with an average appreciation rate of X%. Forecasts indicate continued growth, making it a favorable environment for both buyers and sellers.

2. Top Employers & Employment Outlook

Edmond prides itself on housing major employers like XYZ Corporation and ABC Enterprises, pillars of the local job market. These employers not only offer stability but also signify the potential for future job prospects. As these companies continue to expand, employment opportunities in sectors like technology, finance, and healthcare are projected to grow.

3. Local Economy & Job Trends

The area’s economic landscape showcases resilience, with a diverse blend of industries contributing to its stability. Unemployment rates remain consistently below the national average, indicating a robust job market. Forecasts predict a positive outlook for job growth across multiple sectors, solidifying Edmond’s reputation as an area ripe with career opportunities.

4. Education Excellence

Edmond is renowned for its top-notch educational institutions. From the prestigious High School of Excellence to the acclaimed Middle School of Innovation and the nurturing environment of Innovative Elementary, these schools consistently receive high ratings and commendations. They offer diverse programs encompassing STEM, arts, and sports, fostering well-rounded development in students.

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Edmond’s 73134 area code isn’t just an address; it’s a thriving community offering an exceptional lifestyle. With diverse neighborhoods, promising job prospects, excellent education, and a robust real estate market, this locale beckons you to explore, invest, and thrive in its embrace!