Exploring the Neighborhoods around NextHome Realty

Nestled in the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, the area surrounding NextHome Realty at 12923 NW Cornell Rd Ste. 101 boasts a diverse array of neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and real estate market dynamics.

1. Real Estate Market Overview


  • Bethany: Known for its family-friendly vibe and well-planned communities.
  • Cedar Mill: A mix of residential and commercial spaces with a strong sense of community.
  • Oak Hills: Offers a suburban feel with parks and easy access to amenities.

Real Estate Trends:

Recent years have seen a steady rise in property values across these neighborhoods, driven by the area’s desirability and access to amenities. While past performance indicates a healthy growth trend, experts forecast continued stability with moderate appreciation in property values.

2. Employment Landscape

Major Employers:

  • Nike: The prominent sportswear giant has a significant presence in the area, offering diverse job opportunities.
  • Intel: Known for its innovation, Intel’s campuses in the vicinity contribute to the tech job market.
  • Providence Health & Services: Offers healthcare opportunities, contributing to the area’s employment landscape.

Future Opportunities:

The presence of these major employers signals a promising job market, with continued growth anticipated in sectors like technology, healthcare, and sports apparel.

3. Local Economy and Job Prospects

Economic Outlook:

The local economy exhibits resilience, with a diverse range of industries supporting steady job growth. Data indicates a positive outlook for employment opportunities, particularly in sectors such as technology, healthcare, and retail.

Job Forecast:

Analysts predict a steady increase in job opportunities, aligned with the city’s growth and economic stability.

4. Educational Excellence

Top-Rated Schools:

  • Sunset High School: Renowned for its academic excellence and diverse extracurricular programs.
  • Stoller Middle School: Recognized for its strong educational curriculum and supportive environment.
  • Findley Elementary School: High ratings and accolades for its comprehensive educational approach.

Extra Programs:

These schools offer an array of extracurricular activities, advanced placement courses, and robust support systems for students, contributing to their exceptional ratings and reputation.

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