Exploring Seattle, Washington 98122: A Comprehensive Area Guide

Situated in the vibrant city of Seattle, the 98122 ZIP code offers an array of neighbourhoods, a dynamic real estate market, prominent employers, and top-notch educational institutions. Let’s delve into the details of what this area has to offer:

1. Surrounding Neighbourhoods & Real Estate Market

Seattle’s 98122 area encompasses neighbourhoods like Capitol Hill, Central District, and Madison Valley. The real estate market has seen robust growth, with past performance indicating consistent appreciation in property values. Forecasts suggest sustained demand and growth in the housing market, making it an appealing area for potential buyers.

2. Major Employers & Employment Opportunities

Key employers in the area include Amazon, University of Washington, and Swedish Medical Center. These entities significantly contribute to the local job market in technology, education, and healthcare. Future employment opportunities seem promising, with ongoing expansions and developments within these industries.

3. Local Economy & Job Forecast

Seattle’s local economy thrives on a diverse mix of industries, ensuring stability and growth. Jobs data reflects a varied employment landscape, with opportunities in technology, education, healthcare, and retail sectors. Forecasts indicate a positive job outlook, offering prospects for professionals across various fields.

4. Top-Rated Educational Institutions

Families in the 98122 area benefit from exceptional educational facilities. Acclaimed schools like Garfield High School, Washington Middle School, and Stevens Elementary School consistently earn high ratings for their academic excellence and comprehensive programs. These schools often offer advanced placement courses, extracurricular activities, and specialised programs, nurturing well-rounded student development.

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