Exploring Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309: A Neighborhood Overview

1. Surrounding Neighborhoods & Real Estate Market


  • Oakland Park: Known for its artsy vibe and diverse community.
  • Lauderdale Lakes: Offers a mix of residential areas and commercial hubs.
  • Wilton Manors: Recognized for its LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere and vibrant nightlife.

Real Estate Market:

The real estate market in the 33309 area has seen steady growth over the years. According to past performance data, property values have appreciated, making it an attractive investment. Projections suggest continued growth, fueled by increasing demand for housing and commercial spaces.

2. Largest Employers & Employment Opportunities

Some of the major employers in the area include:

  • Broward Health Medical Center: A prominent healthcare provider offering diverse job opportunities in the medical field.
  • Citrix Systems: A global software company contributing to the tech job market in the region.
  • Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport: Generating employment within the aviation industry.

Future employment opportunities in healthcare, technology, and aviation sectors are anticipated to expand as these industries continue to flourish in Fort Lauderdale.

3. Local Economy & Job Forecast

The local economy is robust, supported by a diverse range of industries such as tourism, healthcare, technology, and aviation. With a low unemployment rate and a growing job market, the area presents ample opportunities across various sectors. Projections indicate sustained economic growth, fostering job creation and business expansion.

4. Top-Rated Educational Institutions


  • High School: Northeast High School – Recognized for its academic excellence and diverse extracurricular programs.
  • Middle School: Lauderdale Lakes Middle School – Notable for its dedicated faculty and engaging learning environment.
  • Elementary School: Lloyd Estates Elementary School – Highly rated for its comprehensive education approach and supportive community.

These schools offer top-notch education, with rigorous academic programs and a range of extracurricular activities that cater to diverse interests.

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Fort Lauderdale’s 33309 area combines a dynamic real estate market, robust economy, top-tier educational institutions, and career opportunities. Whether you’re seeking a new home, looking to invest, or exploring job prospects, this area has something exceptional to offer.

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