5 Unique Tips for Selling a house in San Jose- The Capital of Silicon Valley!

What was once known as the average medium-sized city is now a huge thriving metropolis city, also known as the capital of Silicon Valley! Navigating through different web pages to find out tips for selling a house in San Jose? You’ve come to the right place!

The wonderful San Jose is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the most popular real estate markets in the country. With an abundance of jobs and an admirable Mediterranean climate, San Jose has opulent property values. It is the third most expensive housing market in the United States, behind only San Francisco and Manhattan.

However, despite a city having a hot real estate market, you still need to learn the art of selling to secure the best offer. Why wasn’t my San Jose house able to sell? “Why didn’t my Silicon Valley home sell even though the city is known to have a thriving real estate market? People often ask these questions when their houses stay on the market for a long. Not knowing the proper selling process and tips & tricks will do you no good. It’s best to do your homework and work with a trusted real estate agent for selling a house in San Jose.

Here are the 5 unique tips for selling a house in San Jose.

  1. Study The Current Real Estate Market of San Jose
  2. Find A Local Real Estate Agent
  3. Be The Buyer!
  4. Know The Right Time For Selling A House In San Jose
  5. Advertise To Attract

1- Study The Current Real Estate Market of San Jose 

Housing market conditions are always fluctuating with ever-changing aspects such as a pandemic, inflation, interest rates, etc. Study the current trends to set realistic expectations. Since the beginning of 2020, the San Jose real estate market has been a strong and aggressive seller’s market. Sellers who have made the decision to sell their homes will find this thriving city to be the ideal location. A newly renovated home will make the most money since there aren’t too many homes on the market. San Jose home prices increased 4.2% from the previous year in September 2022, with a median sale price of $1.3M. As opposed to last year, homes in San Jose now sell on average after 29 days on the market.

In San Jose, California, the median listing price of a home in October 2022 was $1.3M, rising 12.1% from the previous year. The average listing home costs $788 per square foot. The average cost of a home sold was %1.2m. This implies that the current market is still hot, and selling a house in San Jose will continue to be highly profitable!

2- Find A Local Real Estate Agent

Hire a top local agent who knows what potential buyers are looking for in your neighborhood and can tailor your listing to fit their needs right away if you want to sell your San Jose home quickly. That easy? Not quite.

In San Jose, there are more than 11,535 active real estate agents. You’ll be grateful to have a real estate agent who understands the differences between first-time buyers in Willow Glen and Blossom Valley when you don’t have time to waste. A person with insider knowledge of what prospective buyers want in terms of school systems, neighbourhoods, and tourist attractions.

Fortunately, Regentology can put you in touch with a top-notch real estate agent who can get the best price for homes in their neighborhood with positive reviews from previous San Jose clients. Just let us know about your selling requirements, and we’ll connect you with top-performing San Jose agents in your area.

3- Be The Buyer!

Assume you are a buyer looking for a home similar to yours. What information would you need to know about the house if you were going to buy it? This means putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

When the home is listed on the Multiple Listing Service, it is critical that all seller statutory disclosures are ready and available. In order to make informed decisions, buyers and their agents require the information disclosed about the home.

– What improvements have been made?

– What is the roof’s age?

– Is there anything wrong with the plumbing?

– Are there any electrical fixtures in need of repair?

All these questions should be answered in the seller disclosures because it indicates that the seller has done their job properly.

4- Know The Right Time For Selling A House In San Jose

The best months to sell a house in San Jose are April through July. Typically, during this time, sellers make, on average more money. Because homes take longer to sell in the winter, avoid selling your property then. As both sellers and buyers are focused on the holidays and spending more on travel and gifts, you’ll notice fewer homes on the market and fewer people out house hunting.

Avoid listing the home too soon because it may lose appeal if it is on the market for too long. Prepare your ideal listing far in advance so you can act quickly and effectively when the opportunity arises.

5- Advertise To Attract

The San Jose real estate market is hot enough that sellers should not be concerned about selling their homes. Rather, it is a matter of locating the buyer who will make the best, most timely offer. So, how do you find a buyer willing to pay a higher price for your house? Highlight your home’s best features. Advertise to attract buyers in a way that they’ll think they have finally landed the house of their dreams! Highlight additional perks such as:

  • Is it easy to walk to supermarkets, pharmacies, and other errands from your house? Traffic in Silicon Valley can be excruciating, and a high walkability score may persuade buyers that your home is the best option.
  • Because of California’s wildfires, electricity is frequently turned off in large areas, making natural gas a popular household efficiency option. Highlight to potential buyers if your home has gas heat, gas water heating, and gas cooking.
  • The majority of Silicon Valley buyers aren’t looking for a fixer-upper; they simply want a place to live. They want to be able to move in with minimal disruption. Is your house clean and well-maintained so they can move in right away?
  • Is your house near to good schools? If your neighborhood is near some of the popular schools, then highlighting it is a must in your ad, as it can compel parents to buy your house right away!

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